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As the client’s market becomes more competitive, the company was interested in breaking down data silos and extracting value to improve customer experience, reduce churn, and provide performance insights across the organization.


Optimizing Customer Experience, in order to prevent churn, and increase positive overall customer sentiment.


Klarrio onboarded the call center, CRM, and network outages data. After transforming the data, data science models were developed to predict average call times and wait-queue evolutions. In addition, a KPI dashboard was developed to visualize descriptive and predictive outputs.

The Technology behind

  • Machine Learning
  • KPN Data Services Hub

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

— John Wooden


Cross Business KPIs | visualize business KPIs in near real-time.

Visualization of multiple business systems | Integrating and collecting data from multiple systems.

Matching of data between systems | Geo-location lookup towards matching network outages related to specific caller waiting queues.

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